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"Where do I park?"

Parking is limited, please carpool if possible.
If you host a birthday party, please let us know and we can make you space behind our building.
There is also street parking available in the neighborhood.

"When should I arrive?"

Please arrive fifteen minutes before your reservation time. Please arrive on time, your punctuality is greatly appreciated. We have scheduled days so we can not let you in the room if you are late and you will not receive a refund. Our capacities are limited, so we operate like hotels and airlines.

"How long does it take to finish the game?"

It depends on your performance and reservation. When the game starts, your team have 60 minutes to go through the adventure, but sometimes it’s possible to solve the puzzles faster. If you book a birthday party, there’s an additional 30 minute long celebration.

"Any suggestions before we start the game?"

In order to ensure an hour of uninterrupted fun, if possible, please use the restroom and mute or power off your cellphone before entering the MagIQ Room game area. Taking pictures in MagIQ Room is only possible with the approval of our staff!

"Are the rooms different?"

Yes, absolutely. Every room and puzzle is different! If you try one of our themes, you will get addicted and you will definitely try the other ones too.

"How can I make an appointment?"

All reservations are made through our Booking page. The reservation takes only a minute. Call or email us if you need assistance making the reservation or if you have special requests. For same day reservations, please send us an email and we will try to accommodate you.

"How do I cancel the reservation?"

Please note that if you cancel your reservation or do not show up, you will not get a refund. If you contact us 48 hours prior to your game time, we can possibly reschedule you.

"Is my reservation OK? How do I know?"

After making the reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information you need. If you do not get a confirmation email, please contact us at

"I would like to surprise someone with 'escape' as a gift! How can I do that?"

Send us the names of the players and the number of people you wish to give the gift to and we'll provide you with the voucher that can be picked up and redeemed at the MagIQ Room. Payment needs to be made in advance when picking up the voucher. The certificate holders with the voucher in hand are required to make the reservation themselves through the reservation system. Upon arrival, the voucher holder will need to present the voucher in order to enter and begin the game. Please contact us by email if you would like additional information.

"What's the ideal team/group size for an escape room?"

For adults, or older children, the most compelling and exciting adventure games occur with groups of four players. With only two players, the game is more difficult but still possible. The maximum number beyond which we will not allow the game to be played is seven people.
For kids, we can let more kids in the rooms, please inquire information when you make your reservation. Each room has different player capacity for kids.

"How much does it cost and how should I pay?"

The pricing of a time slot of a General Escape Game depends on the number of players:

2 players: $45.95/player
3-4 players. $39.95/player
5-6 players: $36.95/player

In the case of regular games, the participation for kids under age 5 is free for up to 2 children.

For birthday parties, it's the following:

Every day: $80/person
minimum 5, maximum 10 players in 1 room.

You will be prompted for payment when making the reservation. You can pay online conveniently using your debit or credit card.

"We would like to organize a corporate event or a bigger team building game! What do we do?"

Please contact us via email for special arrangements at

Please contact us via email for special arrangements at

"Is there an age limit at MagIQ Room?"

The game is recommended from the age of six. If the player is younger, but (s)he can read and count, (s)he should have fun!

Kid groups under 14 need parental guidance* in the room.

*Parents also count as paying participants. In case you want to bring a group of only kids, please ask for details at

"The number of participants showing up may differ from the number that was booked. Is it a problem?"

No, it's not! In this case you don't need to call us. It's acceptable if we learn the final number of your group at the door.

You will be asked to pay by credit or debit card for the additional players at the door.

"There are more than six of us and we would like to play together. Can we do that?"

In the case of adults, for an additional fee we will allow a seventh player. We do not allow more than seven people in one room at the same time, but you are more than welcome to get some more friends and play in two different rooms!
If you want to host a bigger birthday party for kids, we also recommend you to book two rooms.

"What is included in the birthday party package?"

You can read more about our birthday events, by clicking here.
Please note that you will have to bring your birthday cake to the party, MagIQ Room will only provide snacks.

"What is the difference between the rooms?"

Each one is unique and offers a different experience. They differ in their theme, ambiance, design, size, difficulty and objectives. If we know the participants age and experience with room escape games before game time, we can change the difficulty level. We are keeping the rest a secret for now!

"We don't have kids at all! Can we play the games without them?"

Yes, MagIQ Room is absolutely enjoyable for adults. As every member of the family enjoys Universal Studios, MagIQ Room is the perfect choice for spending free time for all ages.

"Are there any health conditions that would prevent a player from playing the game?"

Our aim is not to scare people, the rooms are designed for every ages. In special cases our guests should notify us in advance, so we can take out a couple of "sudden surprises" that raise the adrenaline levels or suggest the best room for them. However, the game generates excitement and if you can't stand it you should not play!

"Do I have to sign anything before the game start?"

Everyone in the group (or at least one parent) must sign a liability waiver before the game starts.

"What if we can't show up after paying online?"

We're sorry, but there will be absolutely no refunds authorized for no shows, cancellations, or late arrivals. We can possibly reschedule, if you notify us 48 hours prior to the event.

"We have already done other PanIQ Rooms. Can we enjoy playing the MagIQ Room?"

Sure! MagIQ Room’s game plots and themes are completely unique. In this concept your duty is rather solving a mystery, than escaping in 60 minutes.

"We have done all the MagIQ Rooms! Should we visit PanIQ Room?"

Absolutely, since most of the puzzles are different, you are going to have a great time. But please be aware – some of the themes at PanIQ Room are not recommended for little kids without parental guidance.

Booking (Cost, Events, Vouchers)

"Do you offer a military discount?"

Yes. We offer 10% off for all active military. Please email to receive the code and show your military ID to your game host upon arrival.

Policies (Cancellations, Rescheduling, Age Restrictions)

"Do you offer a military discount?"

Yes. We offer 10% off for all active military. Please email to receive the code and show your military ID to your game host upon arrival.

If you still need assistance, please contact us.