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Pirate's Den Escape Room

Pirate's Den

Family Friendly • Live Escape Room

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The fate of pirates hasn’t always been this unlucky. Piracy is one of the oldest crafts, moreover, a lifestyle, profession and kind of a political resolution as well. There have been pirates from the beginning of sailing, as from the moment the first merchants ventured out to the sea with their products. With their small, but quick ships pirates attacked the great trade sailing ships by surprise, and they fought with their victims face to face amidst big battle noises. They didn’t despise psychological tricks either. Besides their frightening appearance, their fighting tactics were also strengthened by the skull-and-crossbones flag that appeared in the 18th century, called the Jolly Roger. The golden age of piracy was the 17th century, the primary targets were the Carribean coastlines, near the banks built by the Europeans.

The world’s been looking for the lost treasures of the most famous pirate, Henry Morgan for nearly 400 years. From 1676, Morgan retired from piracy, performed vice-gubernatorial duties in Jamaica, managed his estate – and drank like a fish. You’ll have to fight numerous hardships and challenges through your expedition! If you succeed, you’ll gain a worthy reward and be part of unimaginable wealth!

If you succeed, you’ll gain a worthy reward and be part of unimaginable wealth!

Escape Room Difficulty: Medium The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same. Does your group have what it takes to escape?
For 2-8 Players
From age: 6
Game duration: 60 minutes