• Be brave and reveal the Secrets of Wizardry

    A wicked elf had hidden your wands and cursed you. Break the curse with the right magic spells, and find your way out from this strange place.

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  • Have an unforgattable adventure in the Pirate's Den

    The world’s been looking for the lost treasures of the most famous pirate, Henry Morgan for nearly 400 years. A worthy reward is waiting for you at the end of your journey!

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  • Travel back in time and continue the Curse of the Mummy

    One of the most mysterious figures of the Egyptian history is Tutankhamun. Find his tomb in Luxor and you might solve the ancient secret of the pyramid’s construction.

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Our Story

MagIQ Room is a creative family business, a Hungarian-American “co-production”. Based upon the undisputed success of live escape games, MagIQ Room has decided to bring the activity to the next level. Game plots are more immersive and action based, with amazing theming and more difficulty levels, the adventure will be interesting for all ages.

Escape room 2.0 concept by THE CREATORS OF PanIQ Room

The game plots of MagIQ Room are very immersive and the themes are spectacular! You and your friends will be the part of an unforgettable adventure, during the one hour journey you will have to solve several interesting puzzles and skill tasks together.


Be part of a historic journey

0-99 age

Because it's fun

It’s time to put up your costumes and have a journey into the world of Wizards, Pirates and Pharaohs.

It improves your creativity

At MagIQ Room you can touch and try out everything. The game is very interactive, develops the imagination and helps you to think outside the box!


You can even learn & play

Obtain new knowledge while you’re playing with your family and friends. You will learn interesting things like, how to play the piano or chess, how do magnets work and how to decode secret messages.


Don't be scared and try out our magiqal rooms

Curse of the Mummy

The Curse of the Mummy

Curse of the Mummy Curse of the Mummy Curse of the Mummy Curse of the Mummy Curse of the Mummy Curse of the Mummy

up to 6 participants

60 minutes playtime

Pick a date

Have an amazing birthday party


Bring your birthday party to MagIQ Room, this is our specialty! We have unique packages for all ages, with lots of fun, snacks and surprises!

What's your birthday?


Our Contacts

MagIQ Room
(424) 335 0066

1446 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035
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